As an aesthetic activist ethos, Literature has always been cognizant of social power structures. It has always aligned itself with the struggle for empowerment and emancipation. It gives vent to the aspirations and inspirations of the people and has, by unravelling the seams of power hierarchies, led to the poetics and politics of resistance, identity assertion and egalitarian world views. In the process, it often becomes the voice of the voiceless, the center for the margins and a space for resilience. Faiz hints at this role of literature when he says, “ Bol ke lab azad hein tere” or when he reiterates , “ Mujhse pehli si muhabbat mere mehboob na maang”. In other words, in its expressive felicity, literature can be a medium of articulation that is identity endowing in its subversive yet humanising credo. It continuously centers people-centric poetics and decentres the status-quoist politics.

There is a considerable literary corpus that revolves around the issues of marginality, resistance and resilience. The proposed International Conference on “Literature, Marginality and Resilience” seeks to create a literary debate on these issues in the context of the contemporary. It aims to bring student, scholars and academics together to critically engage with these issues from multiple perspectives and diverse locations.


The conference invites research papers related, but not limited, to the following topics:
 Dynamics of Marginalization and Resistance
 Emancipation and Empowerment of the Marginalized
 Narratives of Resistance and Resilience
 Dalit Literature and Resistance
 Identity Assertion and Literature
 The Poetics and Politics of Subversion and Empowerment
 Resistance as performance
 Colonialism and Counter-colonialism
 Literature and Democratic Ethos
 Literary Canons and Hegemony
 Narratives of LGBTQIAP
 The Resistive Potential of Tribal Literature
 Cinema of protest
 African Americans, Literature and Resistance
 Native Americans, Literature and Resistance
 Emerging Forms of Resistance and Literature
 The Aesthetics and Politics of Resistance
 Resistance in the Media
 Language of Resistance
 Voicing the Subaltern
 Feministic Writings and Resistance
 The idea of third space in postcolonial writing
 Posthumanism and Afrofuturism

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Last Date of submission of Full Paper: 30 Sept. 2022.
Last Date of Registration: 05 Oct. 2022.

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